“Every picture tells a story…"                                                By Michael LaNasa (c)

John Kunzweiler is a Marin County, California artist who’s work has evolved from “proper” photography –a skill learned through college education, extensive travel and a lots of shooting –to highly abstract and painterly images.   Today, John’s work is still based on the digital photographic image, but from capture through the development process, he freely manipulates the image to create a very impressionistic result.   All his images are produced in partnership with a master printer to a standard of museum quality and then John may add other media or artistic elements to further complicate matters or add a twist of gestalt to the final result.     “My goal is to ask the viewer to assemble the pieces and fill-in the blanks.”  John strives to create art in which a story unfolds….in fact, his goal is to create art that only makes sense when the story is known.